Department Of Economics


Sr Name Designation Qualification Specialization Image
1 Mr. Muhammad Tahir Dean BS Hons. Agricultural Eco, PGD (CP&CS), M.SC. Comp Sci., M-Phil Eco, PhD Scholar (Superior Uni.) Public Finance
2 Ms. Amna Kausar Head of Department M.A Economics (FCC), M ED,M-Phil (GCUF) Micro Economics/ Simultaneous Determination of Economic Growth, Human Capital and Institutions in Pakistan: Econometric Evidence.
3 Ms. Nadia Raza Lecturer M.A Eco (PU),MS Economics (NCBA&E) Macro Economics
4 Mr. ShafqatMehmood Khan Lecturer M.A Eco, M-Phil Eco (Minhaj Uni.), PhD Scholar (Superior Uni.) International Trade, Micro Economics, Public Investment
5 Ms. Humera Lecturer M.A. Economics (PU), MPhil Economics (GCUF) M.A. Economics (PU), MPhil Economics (GCUF), Micro Economics, Comparative Analysis of various Monetary Strategies to Control Inflation: A Case Study of Pakistan.
6 Ms. Sidra Liaqat Lecturer M.A. Economics (PU),MPhil Economics in progress(Minhaj university)