Department Of Management Sciences


The Department of Management Sciences was established in 2012 and since then it has aimed to produce accomplished professionals who are best fit to meet the challenges of the public and corporate world. Our students and faculty are our asset and we truly value them. They are given the confidence to meet with the changing global requirements. Students are given experiential learning opportunities and are provided with hands-on problem solving and decision making skills. These attributes make all our programs challenging and rewarding.
Students can choose to specialize in the area of their interest with area specialists available to guide them. With our state of the art library, students have access to various research portals through which they can pursue their passion of research.


To achieve excellence in teaching research and entrepreneurship through effective stakeholders engagement and community service to prepare self-driven and competitive graduates.


To serve the community by adding high-quality, diverse graduates with a range of specializations at graduate and undergraduate levels capable of addressing the business as well as societal problems.