Department Of Management Sciences


Name Designation Qualification / Area of Specializtion Image
Mrs. Aiza Hussain Rana Chairperson/Assistant Professor Phd Scholar
Research/Human Resource/ Leadership/Entrepreneurship
Dr. Shahid Nadeem Assistant Professor (PhD-Marketing)
Dr. Saif Ur Rehman Associate Professor PhD
Management Sciences
Dr. Muhammad Umair Javaid Assistant Professor PhD
Organization and Human Behaviours, Psychosocial Work Environment, Employee Wellbeing
Mrs. Samreen Waqar Assistant Professor M.Phil Management
Corporate Governance
Ms. Zara Rafique Assistant Professor MS Management Sciences
Islamic Finance, HR, Entrepreneurship, Behavioral studies
Ms. Sobia Irim Assistant Professor MS Business Administration
Cost and Management Accounting
Mr. Muhammad Tahir Dean, Social Sciences/AP Phd Scholar
Economics, Economy of Pakistan
Mr. Muhammad Rashid Senior Lecturer M.Phil Scholar
Ms. Qurrat ul Ain Butt
On study leave
Assistant Professor PhD Scholar
Ms. Ambreen Afzal Lecturer ACCA
Accounting and Finance
Ms. Madeeha Afzal Lecturer ACCA
Accounting and Finance
Ms. Asia Bibi Assistant Professor Phd Scholar
Mr. Abdul Khaliq Alvi Assistant Professor MS Management
Ms. Ayesha Alam Senior Lecturer M.Phil Business Administration
Marketing, Business Research
Mr. Mazhar Farid Chisti Assistant Professor Phd Scholar
Ms. Anam Ameen Senior Lecturer MSBA - HR
Total Quality Management, Supply Chain Management
Ms. Fayyza Jaleel Lecturer MBA (HR)
Ms. Adeela Khalid Associate Lecturer MBA Scholar
Supply Chain Management
Ms. Saba Farooq Associate Lecturer MBA Scholar
Finance & Supply Chain Management
Ms. Afaf Khalid Senior Lecturer MPhil Management
Ms. Ayesha Shafqat Associate Lecturer (MS - Finance)
Finance & Accounting
Mr. Waqar Azeem Associate Lecturer MS – Project Management)
Project Management
Ms. Saadia Qaiser Lecturer
(PhD Scholar)
Ms. Nazish Imtiaz Associate Lecturer (MS – MMS)
Leadership , Management , Maeketing
Ms. Sofia Safdar Associate Lecturer MSBA
Leadership & Management
Mr. M. Zulqarnain Senior Lecturer MBA
Finance, HR
Mr. Raza Hussain Lashari Associate Lecturer MS Business Administration
Leadership and Management
Mr. M. Adil Khushi Lecturer MBA
Ms. Hira Bhatti Associate Lecturer MBA
Supply Chain Management