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Workshop on Research Methodology
28th-29th April, 2017

2- Days workshop on “Research Methodology” was conducted by the Faculty of Social Sciences at Lahore Garrison University. A number of guest speakers were invited on this occasion to guide the students regarding the process of conducting a research. Chief Guest, Khawaja Salman Rafiq, Minister of Health; Guest of Honor, Prof. Dr. Farah Malik, Director Institute of Applied Psychology and Centre for Clinical Psychology, University of the Punjab; Ms Humaira Erum, Lecturer (NUML); Ms. Zainab Javed, PhD Scholoar (IAP, PU); Ms. Rakia Ashraf Lecturer,;Riphah International University and Ms. Nazia Bashir PhD Scholar (CCP, PU); Head of Living Institute for Slow Learners (LISL) and Consultant Clinical Psychologist were invited from outside the university. The Faculty of Social Sciences of LGU were also invited to speak on this occasion. Ms. Irum Sarwar (Stats Dept, LGU); Ms. Hina Rana, PhD Scholar & Lecturer (Dept. of Psychology, LGU); Mr. Abdul Khaliq (Dept. of Management Sciences, LGU); Dr Gulzar Ahmad, Professor (Dept of Psychology, LGU); Dr Haroon Rashid (CS Dept, LGU), Registrar Brig (R) Mahmud Bajwa and Dean of Social Science, Mr. Muhammad Tahir were also invited at this occasion for opening and closing ceremony and prize distribution ceremony.

3- Day International Conference on Health Psychology
26th - 28th April, 2017

A 3-Day International Conference on “Health psychology: Issues and Challenges” was conducted in Government College University (GCU), Lahore, in which students from the Department of Psychology, LGU presented their research papers in Oral and Poster presentations. Students from BS Applied Psychology; Bisma Ijaz, Zunaira Rasool and Zoobia Noreen participated in oral presentation supervised by Ms Saira Maqsood. Students from MSc Applied Psychology; Sana Afridi participated in oral presentation whereas Sumbal Rosheen and Beenish Rohi participated in poster presentations, supervised by Ms Saira Maqsood.

Seminar on Alzheimer’s
19th April, 2017

A seminar on “Alzheimer’s” was conducted on 10th April, 2017. Guest Speaker Dr. Muhammad Nasrullah, a Professor of Neurology, graduate of King Edward Medical College was invited to speak on the occasion. Dr. Nasrullah is the member of Pakistan Alzheimer’s Society. It was a multi-media seminar. He imparted a very insightful knowledge on the audience and gave them important pointers regarding Alzheimer’s. Videos of Alzheimer patients were also shown to the audience, in order to give the details and nature about rehabilitation.

Psyche Matinee Show
12th-13th April, 2017

A matinee show for the students and faculty of Department of Psychology was arranged in the auditorium of LGU on 12th-13th April, 2017. First day an animated movie “The Croods” was shown, and on the second day, a psychological thriller “Orphan” was screened. The event was a ticketed event and was not exclusive for the Psychology department. Students and faculty from other departments were also invited to join us.

Trip to Khewra Mines and Katasraj Temple
8th April, 2017

A recreational trip was arranged for the students and the faculty of the Department of Psychology on 8th April, 2017 for the purpose of providing the students the opportunity to relax from their hectic schedule. The lunch was arranged at a point near Katasraj temple and then also visited Khewra salt mines, later for sightseeing.

MOU between LGU and Rising Sun Education & Social Welfare (RSE&SW)
6th April, 2017

Department of Psychology of LGU signed its first MOU with Rising Sun Education & Social Welfare (RSE&SW) on 6th April, 2017 in a very warm and welcoming environment. The worthy Chancellor Maj Gen (R) Obaid Bin Zakria HI (M) was also present at the occasion. He expressed his appreciation and pleasure at this achievement of the Department of Psychology and said that he hoped for many such successes from the Department of Psychology. The signing authority from (RSE&SW) was its president, Mrs. Perveen Tawaab and from LGU, it was the Dean of Social Science, Dr. Muhammad Tahir. Both the parties asserted that they will continue this collaboration in a friendly environment.

Peace Day Celebration
5th April, 2017

Peace Day was celebrated on 5th April, 2017, in which different activities were carried out. Seminar on “The Role of Positive Thinking Towards Global Well-Being. Guest Speakers Mr Usman Rasheed, Dr Zarghuna Naseem and worthy Vice Chancellor Maj. Gen (R) Obaid Bin Zakria HI (M) were invited to speak on the occasion. They motivated and encouraged the students to think positively and gave them the awareness about the key role of positive thinking in global-wellbeing. The students of the department also emphasized the role of peace by enacting theme based mime and poetry. The event was concluded by the peace walk by the respected guests and the students of Department of Psychology

UMT Conference
9th -10th March, 2017

Institute of Clinical Psychology of University of Management and Technology conducted “1st International conference, Clinical Psychology in the Developing World” on 9-10th March, 2017”. Students of Department of Psychology, LGU, presented their research paper in this conference.From MSC Applied Psychology Rabia Rashid, supervised by Ms.Uzma Ilyas, and Iram Javed, supervised by Ms. Saira Maqsood participated in oral presentations. From MS Clinical Psychology, Fatima Salman participated in oral presentation. The students from LGU were awarded with the certificates for participation.

Modern Trends in Psychology

1. University of Sargodha, Gujranwala Campus held research conference on 27th August, 2016 with title “Modern Trends in Psychology”. 2. There were total 26 papers presented and LGU contributed by presenting eight papers. There were conducted under supervision of Ms. Uzma Ilyas, Ms. Nida Zafar and Ms. Saira Maqsood. 3. Muhammad Mohsin, student of M.Sc II (Applied Psychology) scored first position. Topic of his presentation was “Poor Eating Habits, Executive Functioning and Mental & Physical Health in University Students”. 4. The participants were from different institutions i.e. Lahore Garrison University, University of Sargodha, University of Gujrat and Soft Solution College. The conference was held under the collaboration of University of Sargodha and Soft Solution College, Gujranwala. In conference informal quiz was conducted and three out of five questions were answered by Lahore Garrison University Students and won prizes for that too. On a whole it promoted to research culture in Applied Psychology Department. 5. All the details about this conference have been updated to English Department for Newsletter and to CS for updating website.

Students’ Achievement in Mental Health Competition at UCP

1. Students from Psychology Department LGU, participated in a Mental Health Week entitled, “Taboo-Defacing Gender” from 24th – 25th November, 2016 organized by University of Central Punjab. The participants from Lahore Garrison University, University of The Punjab, University of Management and Technology and Government College University, Lahore took part in the event. 2. It was three day event organized by UCP. Overall, posters from five universities were presented on 24th November 2016. UMT secured 1st position whereas Lahore Garrison University secured runner up status. 3. The third and last day competition of performing arts was held. Along with LGU, other universities showed their talents in it by enacting short dramas and skits on the punching taboos of today. 4. LGU Applied Psychology students, opted the genre of mime. In 13 minutes mime, students highlighted four main taboos of our society including Divorce, Honor Killing, Transgender and Prostitution. The idea was not only unique from others but it was highly appreciated by the audience. 5. The University of the Punjab secured 1st position in performing arts competition, whereas Lahore Garrison University, was runner up in it. 6. Collectively, this event has bequeathed an innovative experience to LGU students in the abstract expression of cognition and emotion regarding current taboos of society and suggesting solution to them.

Arts, Music and Psychology at UCPL

Department of Applied Psychology participated in Mental Health Week organized by University of Central Punjab on 5th December, 2015. Students from Department of Applied Psychology, Lahore Garrison University presented a mime and got second prize against 12 others universities. Students participated in two day event comprising panel discussion, poster competition and Mime competition. As always our students followed history and won prize and were appreciated on their contribution in the event on whole.

Welcome Party:

A welcome party was arranged on 10th December, 2015 which was hosted by Mass Communication Department. The welcome party was arranged to welcome the new comers of spring and fall students. This party was attended by all disciplines faculty members and students. This function turned out to be a warm platform for all new comers, they were entertained through skits, song dedication and other performances prepared and rehearsed by students of all disciplines. It was ended by the valuable remarks of VC and lunch was served. Teachers support and guidance added to zeal and zest of the function.

Cultural day:

Cultural Day was celebrated on 10th & 11th February, 2016.the main theme of the event was to highlight unity among cultures and promoting tolerance for differences. Such events add great deal of psychological and subjective well-being of individuals in life full of hassles. Pakistan most patriotic anthem essence could be felt in the event where students dressed up representing four provinces of Pakistan. At one point you could gaze to AJRAK the traditional sindi chadder to the point where you control yourself to beat of Punjabi bhangra.

Students from all departments paid homage by dressing themselves into getup of Sindhi, Balochi, Punjabi, Muslim, Kashmiri and Rajiistani. In all these beats Applied Psychology department created the stall representing the theme of Mehndi which added all its features from yellow dresses to dholki and what not. Students also displayed different food stalls. Applied Psychology department enjoyed the point most when they raised slogan to increase their sale of qulfi and paan stall. On this very day University was depicting mini Pakistan in its essence.

Workshop Quality of life and well-being:

A workshop on Quality of Life and Well Being was organized by Department of Applied Psychology on 26th April, 2016. Dr Naumana Amjad from Punjab University, Applied Psychology Department was the guest speaker for workshop. A large number of students from Faculty of Social Sciences attended the workshop. The respected guest speaker highlighted the assessment and management of stress levels. The techniques were mentioned in depth for intervening stress and strategies were discussed along with its demonstration.

Pink Ribbon Day:

Recent researches has indicated the red sign for Pakistani females as statistical number indicated the highest ratio of breast cancer among Pakistani females. This day was organized in reference to facilitate the information among masses to increase awareness on it. Stigma and taboo stops females to consult physician and seek medical advice.

To enhance the concept of health body, the Pink ribbon day was celebrated by Department of Applied Psychology on 27th April, 2016. It also showed their support for the thousands of women affected by breast cancers. Fund raising was also carried out by Students and around 26,000 rupees were donated to The Pink Ribbon Foundation, this amount was collected within few hours. The ceremony was ended by the valuable remarks of VC. To make it memorable the students created pink ribbon through human chain, it was saved in memory through snapshots. To show solidary with the day the applied psychology department were all dressed up pink. Students and faculty members from other department were part of the cause with Applied Psychology department.