Quality Assurance

Lahore Garrison University is a dynamic community of students and Faculty committed to deliver highest standards in higher education. Quality Enhancement Cell has been established at Lahore Garrison University in 2016 under the directives of HEC with a mission to enhance quality of education through a well-organized mechanism. The team is responsible to overall look after HEC policy at the institute and develops quality assurance processes and evaluation methods to achieve program objectives.

QEC Team

Quality Enhancement cell has been constituted in Lahore Garrison University under Deputy Director Col Sohail Ajmal including Assistant Director, Data Analyst and office Assistant.

Col (R) Sohail Ajmal Butt

Director QEC

M.Sc Mechanical Engineering


Ms. Tahreem Abid

Data Analyst

M.Sc Statistics

QEC Responsibility: Following are the areas of responsibilities:
  1. Annual monitoring and evaluation including
  • Program monitoring
  • Faculty monitoring
  • Students perception
  1. Departmental review
  2. Subject review
  3. QA of Master's, M.phil and PhD degree programs
  4. Collection of department-wise data and set benchmark
  5. Analysis of data and formulation of recommendation in consultation with concerned Head
  6. Institutional Assessment with the following objectives:
  • Maintain and improve academic standards
  • Enhance student’s learning
  • Verify that the existing programs meet their objectives and institutional goals
  • Provide feedback for quality assurance of academic programs
  1. QEC Team Efforts: Following are the efforts of QEC team:
  1. Provisioning of HEC team visit points (dated 2 Feb, 16) to all concerned/ Departments LGU for their necessary actions.
  2. Pursuance / Monitoring of progress of HEC points and initiation of related actions/ processes like notifications of Statuary bodies, minutes of meetings etc.
  3. Conduct of Awareness / training session with all departments stakeholders on matters like maintenance of course files, Documentation / Procedures, Timetable issues, budget forecasting, Semester rules, HEC/LGU objectives etc.
  4. Conducted Workshop on Self Assessment procedures and Teachers Job Description.
  5. Working in improving existing University Functions.
  6. Data collection (in process) related to Faculty, MPhil/ PhD Scholars and their publications.