Department Of English

Dean's Message

Welcome to the Department of Languages at Lahore Garrison University. The department plays a fundamental role in carrying out the mission of a student-centered, research focused and service oriented public institution. We are committed to excellence in education, scholarship and service to provide our students with the knowledge, skills and the support they need, now and in the future. We offer innovative programs of study utilizing active learning approaches that are student-centered and encourage life-long learning. As a community of scholars, we are committed to the discovery, communication and application of the basic knowledge. Our graduates are prepared for careers in their chosen profession with a focus on our responsibilities for the public good and service that is grounded in ethics and social justice.

Leadership, creativity, awareness, and engagement are just a few of the qualities that characterize the students who pass out from our department every year. Through diverse, challenging courses and an array of opportunities for research, creative work, internships and other co-curricular activities, we produce students who are outstanding writers, critical thinkers, problem solvers and 21st century global citizens.

An education in languages provides the essential tools everyone needs to succeed in a complex and rapidly shifting world. We are proud of the education our students receive, with its emphasis on diversity, innovation, technology and research-based practices. Our faculty is competent in their fields who pride themselves on their quality programs, high standards, and dedication to students.

In accordance with vision and mission of LGU, the faculty vows to serve the students by harmonizing their academic and humanistic values to upright their professional aptitude.