Tech Flight Expo – 2016

An expo was held by OZI Group of Companies at Flatties Hotel Lahore on 5th of November, 2016 which was attended by different prominent figures of IT Industry, Establishment and Academia of Universities. The event also held the launch of conosoli ads, a mobile phone and online based application.

Some of the prominent personalities from CEO Group of Companies includes Ahsan Naseer , Osman Sheikh, Raheel Iqbal, Usman Latif who elaborated their products in different aspects.

Some other figures that became eye attraction were our Vice Chancellor Lahore Garrisson University Major General (Retd.)Obaid Bin Zakria HI(M) , Salim Ghauri, CEO and founder of NETSOL, Mian Imran Maqsood (Former Education Minister and VC of USA) and many others.

The speeches covered the basics of IT Industry with special emphasis on Mobile Games and application development. The speakers supported the grooming opportunities with solid facts and figures of two major industries i.e iOS and Android.

The event was attended by LGU Academics staff and students of Computer Sciences who earned a valuable amount of ideas, inspiration and innovation from the event.

Some of the main products and ideas that were displayed include the following

  • BURFI BULB that is controlled by WIFI for its operation and uses smart LED RGBW bulb to provide colorful light in night. The Colors can be changed b sliding the finger on installed app in the smart phone.
  • JOLTA BULB that detects the movement and makes itself turns on and off based upon the movement detection.
  • VR GAMES by GAME STORM Studio which exhibit VR 3D games.
  • Consoli Ads
  • Wireless Charging Kit
  • Tello Talk a replica of Whats App for Pakistani People.
  • Electric Based Motorcycle, which totally runs in electric battries.