Robotics Workshop at LGU

Organized by Garrison Engineering And Robotics Society, GEARS


This report is meant to serve the purpose of giving detailed information about robotics workshop event. Newly formed Robotics Society , organized first workshop on Friday, 16 December, 2016 at university auditorium, to spread the knowledge and educate students , the basics Of Robot model creation and simple programming, through Mindstorm EV3 kit. Workshop started at 9 am and ended at 3 pm, with one hour break.

More than eighty students not only from CS, but from other departments too, attended the workshop. Students were given a short introduction to GEARS, including its team, its objectives and feature strategies and goals. Then introduction to Robotics field. Then after giving some basic knowledge of Mindstorm EV3 kits, They were divided into teams to start practical work. Fifteen of GEARS team members were supervising the teams.

Students working in workshop

Results and Outcomes of Workshop

The event and discipline was managed well by the team. Team coordinated well and gave their best. There was a very encouraging response and feedback from the students. All the students showed great interest and were very passionate and enthusiastic. They took a serious participation in learning and as well as in practical work. They made robot models and programmed them by themselves. They not only formed interesting models but also completed the given tasks at given time.

The students were that much encouraged and motivated that almost all teams from workshop registered themselves for upcoming robotics competition at university.