Microsoft’s Empowering Digital Education Training

Microsoft conducted a seminar on Empowering Digital Education Training in PC Lahore, on 17th November 2016. It was attended by our two faculty members Waleed Younas and Nadeem Ali from computer science department.

It was an informative session, gathered the knowledge of systems working across the world in education institutions from school level to university level. Microsoft invited IT companies around the world who are working in Digital Education. The representatives from all countries give a presentation on their products. Their details are as follows.

1. Campus on Cloud

Campus on Cloud (CoC), is a Campus Management System for Universities and other Higher Education Institutions. Built on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. CoC delivers rich functionality in a highly secure solution with a stunning user interface. Covering the complete student lifecycle, CoC automates the Admissions, Academics and Finance operations across all campuses, schools, departments and programs of the Institute.

Engineered by a team experienced in 25 university implementations across 10 countries, CoC transforms the Higher Education landscape by integrating Higher Education specific business processes and analytics in a cloud solution delivered on desktop and mobile.

2. Kortext

Kortext is a content platform that focuses on providing digital textbooks from all the key textbook publishers along with any other books required for course adoption. Rather than simply being a reading app or online platform, Kortext has been developed as an educational content platform to integrate with the university’s learning environment and provide interactive use of resources.

3. College Builder Learning Management System (LMS)

CB offers a complete learning management solution that consolidates and integrates learning activities such as user management (registration and approval), course management (course, attendance and time table management) exam scheduling, evaluation and grading. Collaborative learning tools – discussion forums, message boards and file sharing – enable networked learning. Powerful administrative tools, such as instant notification, make institutional management very efficient. Administrators, instructors and students utilize features according to their requirements.

4. School information management system SIMS

SIMS (School Information Management System is a student information system, i.e. a school management information system, currently developed by Capita. It is the most widely used MIS in UK schools, claiming over 80% market share across the primary and secondary sectors

All these software and solutions are good and have their own area of expertise we can consider them.