1. Centre for Research and Development (CRD) is primarily meant for the development and promotion of Research in Lahore Garrison University-Lahore. The Centre is based on the developmental vision of Vice Chancellor; Maj. Gen ® Ubaid Bin Zakaria with the core values of Commitment , Professional Honesty and Service to society with lowest cast and maximum gain. The approach is Service and Assistance to Society across the borders with multi disciplinary approach.CRD has been active and productive since its very inception. It provides professional services of Data Analysis, Orientations and Trainings for the Capacity Building and Enhancement of Research Capacity for Professionals, Organizations, Resolution of Intricate Problems of Professionals and Academic Organizations.

2. CRD provides opportunities of originating fresh ideas of multiple disciplines in the youth and manages the “Dialogue” to encourage intellectual interaction and expressions at the academic forums. It functions with Professional entrepreneur approach in the areas of Peace, stability and even the areas of Criminology.

3. CRD`s future plans are the expansion of its wings, though keeping roots in the academics but penetrating in the area of Professional excellence . The activities may include Interdisciplinary Dialogue, International/National Seminars, National/International Conferences, Workshops and other Capacity Building steps.

Prof. Dr. Naudir Bakht


Center for Research & Development (CRD)