Department Of Computer Sciences


Sr.No Name Designation Qualification Area of Interest Image
Mrs. Shazia Saqib Dean Assistant ProfessorPh.D(Scholar) Gesture Recognition System, Software Water Marking , Digital Image Processing
Dr. Tahir AlyasHead Of Department/Assistant ProfessorPh.D Cloud Computing, Fuzzy System, Database
1 Prof Dr. Aftab Ahmad Malik Professor 1) Ph.D(University of Kent, Canterbury, England) 2) M.Phil, M.Sc, LL.B 3)National Resource Person HEC Algorithms, Computerized Management Central and information system, Decision support system
1 Dr. Haroon Ur Rahid Associate Professor Ph.D PhD (Warwick, UK) Big Data, Data Science, Executive Data Science [MIT, JHU & UCSD (USA)]
1Dr. KhalidAssociate ProfessorPh.DDigital Image Processing, Medical Imaging, Biomedical Signal Processing
2 Dr. Atif AlviAssociate ProfessorPh.D Computer Science[University og cambridge, U.K]Systems, Pervasive Computing, Algorithm, Pedagogy
1 Dr. Muhammad Asif Assistant Professor Ph.D (CUST Islamabad) Digital Image, Video and Audio Processing, Information/Network Security, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, Security and Surveillance Systems,Computer Vision and Machine Learning
2Ms. Sadia KausarAssitant ProfessorPh.D(Scholar) Biomedical imagE processing, Data Mining
3 Mr. Hassaan Rafiq Sial Assistant Professor MSCS Natural Language Processing
4 Syeda Binish Zahra Assistant Professor Ph.D (Scholar) Brain Computer Interface (BCI), Biomechanics, Artificial Intelligence
5Mr. Zafar M KhokharAssitant Professor Process Analysis and Design, Data Analytics, Game Designing for impact, Interactive Learning Design, Virtual and distance Education. Project Management Trainer. Digital Forensic. ERP. Psychological Warfare Expert and Critical Thinking and Soft Skills Training.
6Ms. Sundus MunirAssistant ProfessorM.PhilSoftware Engineering, Human Computer Interaction, Database
1 Mr. Taseer Suleman Senior Lecturer Ph.D (Scholar) Information Security, OSN Security
2 Mr. Muhammad Zulkifl Hasan Senior Lecturer MSc Comp NW (UK) Networking, Telecommunication, Project Management, Linux Admin
3 Ms. Akifa Abbas Senior Lecturer Networks
4 Mr. Umer FarooqSenior LecturerPh.D (Scholar) Artificial Intelegence , Machine learning
5 Mr. Zaka Ullah Senior Lecturer MS Information Security & Digital Forensic / Cloud Computing and Security / Network Administration and Security / Object Oriented Programming / Software Engineering Technologies
6 Mr. Waqas Ahmad Senior Lecturer MS TELECOMMUNICATION
7 Mr. Waqar AzeemSenior LecturerPh.D (Scholar) Embedded System Design, Computer Logic Design, Human Computer Interaction
8 Mr. Taimoor HassanSenior LecturerMS Software Engineering
9 Ch. Muhammad AsifSenior LecturerMSSE Software Engineering (Software cost estimation)
10 Rehmat ullahSenior LecturerMSCS Semantics web,software Engineering
11 Attique Ur RehmanSenior LecturerMS Computer Scince Advance Networks, Telecommunication & ISPs
1 Ms. Laraib Kanwal LecturerMS Medical Image Processing
2 Mr. Salman Zafar LecturerMS(IT) Project Management Artificial Intelligence(Emerging Technologies, Autonomous Vehicles) , IT Project Management , E-Commerce for Business
3 Engr M. Nadeem AliLecturerMS(EE) Digital Image Processing
4 Ms. Shamaila ShafiqLecturerMSNatural Language Processing, Analysis of Algorithm
5 Mr. Haider Sultan AhadLecturerMS(CS) Algorithm Analysis, Programming Languages, Cloud Computing(Economics & Security)
6 Mr. Awais Salman QaziLecturerMSc. Electrical Engineering (Sweden)Telecommunications, Internet Systems
7 Ms. Aisha TahseenLecturerMS (Scholar)Software Engineering/Requirements Engineering
8 Mr. Rafaqat Alam Khan Lecturer PHD (scholar) Image processing
9 Mr. Muhammad Sajid Farooq Lecturer MS (Scholar) Database and cloud computing
10 Mr. Umair Waqas Lecturer MS (CS), NUST Isb.
(Information Retrieval, Data Mining, Semantic Web)
Mobile Development
11 Ms. Areej Lecturer Phd(Scholar) Internet of things and cognition
12 Mr M. Waheed ul Hassan Lecturer BS Electronic engineering(IUB), MS Electrical engineering(UOL) Wireless communication, Cognitive Radio, assesment methodology based research.
13 Mr Wahid Qayyum Lecturer MSCS Sementic Web, Data Mining
14 Ms. Noor Afshan Lecturer MSSE (M.Phil. Software Engineering) Software Engineering / Data Mining / Semantic Analysis
15 Mr. M. Asfand YarLecturerMS Machine learning, data mining , business intelegence
16 Ms. Saman Abdi Lecturer MSCS Data science
17 Ms. Eisha Tir Razia Lecturer MSCS (Thesis submitted) Data science
18 Muhammad Habib Lecturer MS in Computer Science Software Engineering
19 Muhammad Amjad Khan Lecturer MS(Information science and technology) Data mining, Machine learning, Big data, UX designs, Artificial Intelligence, ubiquitous technologies, social network analysis
20 Huma Chaudhry Lecturer M.Phil Computer Science Software Development, Web Development
21 Ms. Sowaiba Khan Lecturer MS-CS (LCWU) MANets, Wireless Networks, Network Security, Web Engineering, Databases
1 Mr. Ammar Hassan Associate Lecturer Masters Robotics and Intelligent Machines Engineering (SMME, NUST) Robotics and Intelligent Machines, Machine Learning, Computer Vision
2 Ms. Kashaf-Ad-Dooja Associate Lecturer MS-CS Software Engineering
3 Mr. M Arslan Tariq Associate Lecturer MSc(Computer Security and Forensics) Cloud Computing, Networking, Digital Forensics.
4 Mr. Mansoor Ul HassanAssociate LecturerMCS Game Development
5 Mr. Hassan SultanAssociate LecturerMS (Scholar) Mechatronics and Control Engr Robotics , Control System , IOT
6 Mr. Jaleel Associate Lecturer MCS + MBIT
7 Mr. Hafiz Adnan Niaz Associate Lecturer MS Computer Engineering Computer Engineering
8 Ms.Maryam Gillani Associate Lecturer Software Engineering, IoV, ITS
9 Ms. Ayesha Nasir Associate LecturerM.Phil (Scholar) Image Processing, Programming Fundamental, OOP
10 Ms. Shan e ZaraAssociate LecturerM.Phil (Scholar)Artificial Intelegence
11 Ms. Aneela mehmoodAssociate LecturerM.Phil CSMachine learning
12 Ms. Sabreena NawazAssociate LecturerMSCSSoftware Engineering
13 Ms. Rabia Aslam Khan Associate Lecturer Micro Master in Data Sciences (Continue...), MSCS Android Development WEb Development, Object Oriented Programming , Assembly Language , Database Management System , Java Programming , Programming Fundamentals, Computer Architecture , Desktop Application , Software Engineering , Networks and Data Communications, Data Structures , Design and Analysis of Algorithm, Advanced Computer Programming
14 Ms. Aqsa Iftikhar Associate Lecturer M.Phil (CS) Database,Operating System,Software Engineering,Analysis of Algorithm, MIS, DSA, software design pattern,ITC,Programming Fundamentals,computer Networks,Theory of Automata.
15 Ms. Mehreen Qamar Associate Lecturer M.Phil in Computer Science Database Management Systems, Introduction to computers, Physics
16 Ms. Fouzia Samiullah Associate Lecturer M.Phil in Computer Science Linear Algebra, Calculus, Discrete Mathematics, Data Structures and Algorithm, Analysis of Algorithm, Fundamental Programming, C++, Html and Css, Java script, Java, Database and Mysql, Theory of automata
17 Ms. Raeena Tauqir Associate Lecturer MS In Computer Science Fuzzy Logic, Object Oriented Programming, Programming Fundamentals, Databases, Artificial Intelligence.
18 Ms .Sidra Noureen Associate Lecturer MSCS Software Engineering
19 Ms. Noor ul Qamar Associate LecturerMCSDatabase Management Systems
20 Mr. Adeel Munawar Associate Lecturer MS Computer Science Theory of Automata, Operating Systems, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Programming Fundamentals
21 Mr. Khurram Yussouf Tehseen Associate Lecturer MSCS Programming
1 Ms. Arfa Assistant LecturerM.Phil (Scholar) Digital image processing, Artificial intelligence
2 Ms. Afrozah Nadeem Assistant Lecturer MSCS (Scholar) Web Development
3 Mr. Sabir Abbas Assistant Lecturer M.Phil (Scholar) Cloud Computing
4 Mr. Hafiz Burhan Ul Haq Assistant Lecturer M.Phil (Scholar) Web development
5 Ms. Sadia Zafar Assistant Lecturer M.Phil (Scholar) Web development
6 Ms. Horeen Assistant Lecturer M.Phil (Scholar) Database,Dsa,Oop,Pf
7 Ms. Kiran Assistant Lecturer M.Phil (Scholar) Database,Dsa,Oop,Pf
8 Mr Imran Khalid Assistant Lecturer M.Phil (Scholar) Android Apps and Game Development / Digital Library Management
9 Mr Abdul Rehman Assistant Lecturer M.Phil (Scholar) Web Development, Database, ASP.NET MVC
10 Mr Rubaas Qaisar Assistant Lecturer BSCS PF, OOP, ICT, SE
11 Ms. Nosheen Manzoor Assistant Lecturer MS Information Security(Thesis in Progress) Digital Forensics,Information Security,PF